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A Macro Algae Specific Saltwater Tank

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    Here's what it looked like last Tuesday. It looks even more grown up now and it continues to grow like crazy. There are a lot of animals in there. Ask questions if you've got them.

    How do I trim Caulerpa without it nuking the tank, Mr. Barr? I pulled some apart last week and it started oozing in the water. Should I run carbon if I do trim it?


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      Grape is tougher, I trim it, it'll leak for awhile, but should seal up.
      You can run a skilter or skimmer/AC etc.

      Do not dose then!!

      When you prune, clean etc, do that large massive water change, just like after a good pruning with a FW tank!!!

      Be judicious to the design layout, Grape grows like mad, I got rid of it.
      Pesky weed. Dictyota was worse, but......I could not get rid of it entirely, the Grape I could.

      I'd dose 1/16th 2-3x a week for this tank, same for traces, 3mls or so.
      Maybe a tiny speck of PO4 1 day before water change and then maybe 3 days after.

      diatom bloom: too much PO4.

      Diatoms are the worst general algae issues you will get from over dosing.
      Herbivores, shrimps etc are very useful.

      Shrimps are my personal favs for such tanks, SeaHorses are also nice additions.

      Blood shrimp, Clowns, cleaners etc.

      Tom Barr


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        How is that tank doing?


        How has the 10 gallon macroalgae tank worked out since your last photo was posted? I have long been considering dipping my feet (so to speak) into a marine tank and want my first foray to be a planted one. I'm very curious to see how things have worked out for you.



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          tom what is the kent stuff? and would tmg work?
          any potassium needed?

          good source of halophile?


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            This stuff?

            I use it every other day and also dose CaNO3 to keep ~2-5ppm nitrate. I wouldn't worry about K or other elements bottoming out with a good water change schedule.

            I haven't tried any other source for Fe yet but when I get low on the Kent mix I might look around for other options, although the Kent mix is not too expensive and lasts a long time. My caulerpa tends to lose its deep green color if I skimp on the macros.

            By the way, I have a 20g tank stuffed with various caulerpas and some gracilaria. I'm about to throw it out because I've nowhere to take it. Ley me know if you want any.


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              I would love what ya got. thank you so much

              email and we can set details.

              need any fw plants? I am always overgrown.. even tho I cut my light down to 2.5 watts, the damned plants adjusted and are still weeds