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Fluval Spec V gen2 light

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  • Fluval Spec V gen2 light

    So I picked up one of the new Spec V's the other day on clearance for ~60, 20 if the wife asks.
    (ok actually I have 3, but we will roll that out slowly...haha)

    I see some information on the newer LED light:
    LED Watts: 10 W
    LED Lumens: 821 LM
    Number of LEDs: 37
    Color Temperature: 7000 K ​​​​​​​​​​​​
    However I was wondering if anyone had any information on the PAR data or possibly the spectrum data? Fluval is apparently no help here.

    Trying to get a realistic idea of what I can grow in it with the stock lighting so I can decide how far down the rabbit hole to go. Haha

    Thanks in advance!

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    I don't have PAR data but I do have a Spec V and this is what I am growing
    DGH Belem
    Monte Carlo
    Erio Vietnam
    Erio Malayatoor
    Rotala Enie
    Neasae Pedicellata
    Rotala Rotundafolia
    AR Varigeted
    Ludwigia Sp Red Mini
    Many mosses including Riccardia

    most of them grow slow because it's non CO2 with only Flourish and Excel. Color is also not as good. but a lot of plants can grow over a wide variety of light intensity and spectrum so all you can do is try and see if it sticks around.


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      Yeah, its sort of trying to puzzle out what all I would need to do for what.

      Do you have the older spec v or the new one?


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        New one with the 7K bulb. I purchased it during the holidays from Petco for less than $55.


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          Cool, thanks for the insight. I may upgrade one to a more powerful planted light, and maybe try a paintball co2 system.


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            I changed my light to a Fluval Aquasky.