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  • Led lighting

    Miryam and I just got back from the global pet expo. It is a trade show for retailers with a decent sized aquatic section.
    Not much new with the exception that I got to meet a lot of r&d people at diff companies regarding led lighting.

    Marineland is coming out with an plant only led unit that looked really nice (as soon as its available I'll be doing par testing)
    Ecoxotic is shipping me a prototype unit for testing on my high tech 33 g
    I bought 3 small units for nano rimless tanks that looked great at the show. I'll be posting pics and par readings after the weekend.

    I now have at the store a variety of led lights that I will conduct par tests and post the results for your enjoyment.

    These are the units:

    Wave point
    Current USA

    I am here:

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    I was told by a local lighting manufacturer recently that the current led technology loses ( I think he said) 40% after 6 months


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      PAR Reading for the Marineland LED?

      I know this thread is a bit old, but did you ever get a chance to take the PAR readings for the Marineland LED light?


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        I wonder if you could add Ecotech Radion LEDs to your list. I have seen readings when used in
        saltwater aquariums but not planted aquariums.


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          Thanks for looking into LED lighting and sharing what you learn! I will be waiting for the results of your tests.


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            The EcoTech would be an insane amount of light for a planted tank and not the best spectrum. The good part, you could adjust the intensity, but I still think that the spectrum would not be ideal. The storm effect is awesome though!