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    Hi there , i have a 180 lt (40 gallon) full planted , with pressure co2 , and iEstimative Index ..
    I want to make like ada light stand , now i have 6 t8 ( 30watt) and 2 T5 ( 39watt) , total 258 watt for 8 hours.
    I am planing to add two Metal Halide of 150 watt each , and 4 t5 . I didnt have in the past Metal Halide, is too much for my aquarium ?

    The tank is not ready yet but to have an idea..

    By nicpapa at 2012-02-26

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    Nice tank. But why more light? You will reach a point where you can't add enough CO2 to keep up with the demand. The consequence will be algae. You're already using almost as much as I use for a 180 gallon tank. And I can grow every plant I want. 4 T5's will provide you with all the light you need.
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      dutchy nice tank , now the light is on the hood of aquarium , if i make a light stand like Toms Barr with T5 and its high 10 inches from tank then i lose the light right?


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        Still enough light to grow every plant you want.

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          that is a nice tank, don't fix what isn't broken!

          I see nice growth in there, even of species that are "high light". I don't think you need to change a thing.


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            To echo everyone else...

            Nice tank and no need to increase the lighting...Imo/ime.. Your tank is not THAT large even if suspending the lights...

            Yes, MH would be overkill and not needed. Again in my experience and opinion

            I have used MH over a 180 and the amount of PAR it produced was ridiculous and I ended up with it almost 40" ABOVE the surface of a 24" deep tank...that was 3x150 w with 6500k.

            Save the money and spend it on a PAR meter or more fish, or a larger filter, or better c02 hardware....You have plenty of light...


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              ok Thanks a lot , for your opinion , i leave the ligh that i have...


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                Very nice layout.
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