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What is the point of using an inverted page table?

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  • What is the point of using an inverted page table?

    I am looking at different ways in which a page table could be organized, one of which ways is using an inverted page table. From what I can understand ... there is a row for every frame in the disk, so we essentially have a page table which looks exactly like the structure of the actual disk, which defeats the purpose of having a page table to begin with

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    I am not sure how page tables relate to the planted tank hobby....

    I think you are on the wrong forum...


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      Provided of Course The KH, GH pH Balance is Maintained


      Many of my plants have found that inverted page tables can be reasonably efficient.:gw
      • Fewer accesses are needed if you can have a successful search in only a couple of probes (on average)
      • when doing a lookup in a page table that is more than a couple of levels deep.

      As address spaces get bigger, page tables get more unwieldy. A 64-bit address might imply something like 5 levels of table (10 bit index for all but last) many plants and a few critters have a hard time keeping track.

      As virtual address spaces grow so much bigger than physical addresses, it becomes possible that space and time can be saved by inverting the page table -- mapping physical to virtual, instead of the other way around.

      I have found that Vals and Sags benefit most and E. tenellus is just a total pig about it either way.

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        Around here IPT stands for "irresistible Planted Tank"