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Keeping Spongilla lacustris in a tank

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  • Keeping Spongilla lacustris in a tank


    I probably can get some Spongilla lacustris. I think the are great but I cannot find much info about keeping them in a tank.
    I think the look great in my new 20 gallon desk tank with my yellow Sulawesi rabbit snails en the Sulawesi White spotted red bee shrimps.

    But how to feed them and so on.

    So is there here anybody with any experience with this or any other kind of sponge creatures?


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    Kingdom: Animalia

    Hi dbazuin,
    This could make for an interesting setup. I think Spongilla lacustris will keep it's green color in low light but I have no actual experience keeping it. Spongilla lacustris are colored green due to the presence of symbiotic unicellular chlorellae.

    "Sponge" is the common name for the Poriferan, members of the phylum Porifera, meaning 'pore bearer'. In general, sponges feed by filtering bacteria, organic matter and phyto- and zooplankton from the water that passes through their pores. However, Spongilla lacustris may rely more on active capture of large food items when food is abundant (e.g., during a summer diatom bloom). Even so, the actual particles ingested are tiny (microscopic).

    Frequent (several times daily ideally) feedings are preferable. Turn off power filters, if any, and introducing a food-broth in the area around or into the sponge(s). Mancini suggests liquid foods (Liquifry (tm), fresh juice from mollusks (for human consumption), foods for newly hatched brine shrimp, dried or live Chlorella, and finely divided dry prepared foods. These foods are made into a suspension with tank water and applied at the animal's surface with a baster or syringe.
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      The did say it is not very easy to keep a life and it needs special food.
      Now I understand a bit better why. Most days I am away from from 07:30 until 18:00. Sow I can feed it before work and after and would that be enough.
      Turning of the filter is a bit tricky, I need to remember to put it on again.
      Or put it on a timer that stops it for short periods a few times every day.

      I most think this over.

      Thanks a lot for the info.