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  • CPO safe algae eating fish

    I have CPOs and some moss covered driftwood together in a 29g tank. My driftwood is starting to take on some algae so I tried adding some long finned bristlenosed plecos to take care of it. They did a good job but in a few days they were short finned plecos and the CPOs were grinning an eveil smile. Do any of you have experience with other plecos or ottos in the same tank as these monsters? I dont really want to have to resort to snails but will if its the only safe alternative. I f fish arent safe at all could I get a recommendation for which snails these guys wont eat? Thanks and your help is appreciated. FYI, 1st post on here so hello!!!

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    Hi and welcome,

    What pray tell is a 'CPO'? I am not familiar with that particular TLA...LOL
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      They are Mexican dwarf orange crayfish. The CPO is a shortened version of their scientific name. Sorry for the Bad TLA, sometimes IDK what im thinking, IMO. LOL.


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        Well, I didnt get any replies in a few days time so lets try out some ottos and hope for the best!!