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    Can anyone identify this creature? There are quite a few in my DSM tank, mainly in my bowl of water.

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    Magic In The Air


    I probably should know what bug that is, but do not off hand. I just recognize it as harmless, fish food. As you are noticing with your dry start, life is everywhere.

    If it has been very cold and the place has been closed up, I recommend all having the ductwork, carpets, upholstery and so on cleaned.

    Otherwise it is just stuff in the wind and if you are new to Colorado, you are about to learn about wind.

    Even this time of year, sour dough bread works. Even this time of year a little de-chlorinated water in a bowl and a clean piece of lettuce in it will produce food for rotifers, copepods and fry.

    It is magic!

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    Disclaimer: I am not trying to make you mad, it is just what I am, an evil plant monster, 'nuf said.
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    • When in doubt "don't."


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      I had those too with some spiders nothing to worry about.


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        You know the cotton gauze over the camera's lens makes the bug look years younger. I can hardly recognize it. You might try and find it at this site.
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