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Tiny unknown snail

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  • Tiny unknown snail

    Who is this little guy?
    I have a few that came in on some plants months ago. They don't breed rapidly and don't seem to bother the plants. Shell is spiral like a ram but it lies on it's side.
    I don't have a decent camera, just my cell. Best I could do for pics.
    Size wise that seems to be as big as they get. Rarely see them except for when I first turn on the light.

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    Found it

    Gyraulus Sp


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      It's nice to know what they are. I have these little guys in my tank. I find that they do sort of go through spurts of multiplying. Especially if I disturb the substrate. Clown loaches are supposed to eat them, but my loaches are lazy and I've yet to see them eat one. I did OD Excel for an algae problem and have noticed a reduction in snail population. It could just be a coincidence though. My shrimp tank is crawling with the little buggers, but like you say, they don't seem to be eating plants.


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        Commonly called ramshorn snails. The red ones can be pretty, if you don't let them overpopulate. they will not at all harm plants. they eat algae and decaying plant matter. they're great little tank cleaners, as well as good food for some fish.