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How many Amano Shrimps should I add

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  • How many Amano Shrimps should I add


    I have the tank in my signature. In short, 120*40cm surface (47in x 15.7in) with 1 Ancistrus (Bushymouth catfish), 8 cory (corydoras julii), 4 Tateurndinas (Peacock gudgeon), 3 Siamese algae-eaters and a pair of Apistogramma cacatoides (Cockatoo Dwarf Cichlid)

    I have added some Amano Shrimps recently, died after a CO2 error.

    I'm wondering now if I can introduce them in my tank and how many of them? 20 is too much?

    Many thanks
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    I put 9 in my 30G with another 10 Ghost shrimp. I'm not sure how many are left since I keep seeing carapaces on the substrate. So either I'm losing shrimp or they're getting bigger. I'm not really sure which since the overall fleet of shrimp always has a couple of representatives in any given view of the tank. The Amano seem to like the algae moreso whereas I usually see the ghost marching around on the substrate cleaning, so they complement well enough.