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  • API Copper Test Kit

    I just got me some copper test kits made by API, I was wondering are they useful at all in determining if I have copper issues in my water or are they so unprecise that it's worthless? I don't exactly need it to know exactly what my copper levels are, I just need it to show me some signs that I have copper issues.

    LaMotte is not an option atm.

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    I just filled up two test tubes from two different tanks and I don't see any color change at all.

    Anyone know how to get a source that you know has lots of copper so I can tell if the test kit is even working?


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      Could you try adding some copper sulfate to the test tubes? I think you'll find it in a lot of the ich cures or similar products. I'm not sure if the API kit will detect it or not though. I suppose you could also try to use some low pH water and then throw in a bit of copper wire and leave that around for a bit. Please let me know if any of this works.


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        Bluestone is available from pharmacies.
        Copper sulfate. Copper ETDA also is available from Mardel, it's not as toxic but last longer in solution.

        Make a reference solution also, then confirm the test kit.
        So you need to do a little chem and weights etc(no, I;m not going to do it for you, your question, your homework!).

        Do you have Copper pipes?
        Where is the tap from? Ask them for a report on copper.

        Tom barr