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EI dosing with Crystal Red shrimp over a year

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  • EI dosing with Crystal Red shrimp over a year

    I noted that 3 of the female Cystal Red shrimp are now berried in a 38 Gallon tank I have with high light, ADA AS, high CO2 and EI dosing. I have increased the count from 12 shrimp to 32 now and have more on the way, temp is 78-79 F, other occupants are Botia sidthimunki(7) and galaxy rasboras(18).
    Color is good, a couple have decent % white, my goal is nice banding contrast rather than a higher % of white. It'll be a while before I cull.

    I read all the time how sensitive CRS's are to temp, to NO3, to traces, to other critters etc...........yet these guys keep growing and breeding well. Perhaps I could get more brood going to a Bare bottom tank and leaves and mops etc?

    Sure, but that's hardly a scape
    And I'm doing pretty well as is............but I do not have a pure breeding tank to compare to either, still, with breeding and no issues, I really have no such goal. Perhaps someone might quanatify it later. I might, who knows. There might be a large impact, say 80% reduction, still, even with that in % brood yeild, I do not care, only health and the fact that some are still breeding and that the fry are making it to adulthood. I also cannot account for brood lost due to predation, a real issue with hungry Botia and tiny shrimpy's. So that might be one issue that skews things there and why I might not have as much brood as I could. I'd say that has a large % impact than environmental parameters. But who knows......

    Anyway, I have no such issues with these parameters and this has been going on for a year now, they breed, they have never once died (I lost one due to crushing), and appear within all aspects, very healthy. I've lost more Amano's than I have CRS! Suckers crawl out easier.

    So I am questioning the claims, they are not supported by my observations.
    This example serves as a control. After all, there are many ways to kill fish and shrimp in this hobby with and without plants involved.
    Why would folks forget that?

    If what someone claims to true to be held and supported, we should see some issue with the CRS's, yet here we do not and have not time and time again over a year's time frame. Faith and fear are hardly support.
    Some might view me as hardly an expert on Shrimp, I do not claim to be either, however, I am sensible enough to accept logic and know when something has been falsified.

    Maybe it's the chinese Seiryu stones that emit narrow wavelength energy that protect the shrimp from harsh aquarium conditions that I subject them too?

    Tom Barr

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    what grade are the crs?


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      Originally posted by Tom Barr View Post
      Maybe it's the chinese Seiryu stones that emit narrow wavelength energy that protect the shrimp from harsh aquarium conditions that I subject them too?
      Yes, I think that's it.

      I use Sanatoga shale that has a different wavelength and I have no success with those shrimp.

      Maybe if i got some . . .



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        Originally posted by planty View Post
        what grade are the crs?
        Some high, some low. Does not mater as far toxicity however. Grades have no meaning near as I can tell, and those that argue otherwise are on very thin ice and speculating at the same time. I would not try.
        They have no evidence and are even less likely to use their high grades to ever dare test any nutrients etc where ....they are already playing the Scare and Fear mongering card.

        Think about it, that's just a BS line a blow hard might suggest.
        If the shrimps are essentially all the same linage genetically, what possible reasoning could there be for a difference and if so, how much, give me a ppm for NO3, Trace mix, Temp etc.

        I want a specific number. Something I can take a specific grade, add NO3 to 20ppm and see the same result as claimed.

        Not one of these clowns that make these claims can offer that.
        I try the old tired claims that have been made for the last few years and not one of them have been correct.

        Not one.........

        Do these folks know how to see if what they babble on about..... is actually true or is BS "good enough"? I really have to wonder sometimes. Fear mongering and myths sound "good enough"? Folks are okay with that?

        I'm just a guy trying this stuff out and not giving critters some special care like many Discus folks do, or shrimp etc................then note when they do well and breed etc......outside these parameters, I call into question the claimed made.

        Turns out none of these folks ever bother to test their own claims and advice.
        If you cannot test your own hardly have the authority to say or offer advice. I can play the "guessing game", and make a myth also.

        Anyone can.

        Tom Barr


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          Originally posted by Tom Barr View Post
          If you cannot test your own hardly have the authority to say or offer advice. I can play the "guessing game", and make a myth also.


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            Speaking of Kittens, PETA and fish:

            PETA does nothing to help the sea's pollution, the habitat, to make the lives of critters healthier. They are great at alienating people.

            Their latest on SeaKittens is so far out, it's lost me 110% on the logic. Perhaps because I know something about the issue and can see that the logic is completely clam brained.

            But it's the same type of BS...........and people, at least some, fall for it.

            Tom Barr


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              Damned..that's the meanest catfish I've ever seen!


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                It's good to see your shrimp population can grow with Botia sidthimunki. I have been considering adding some to a tank with shrimp.


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                  Well, if you are interested in raising lots of CRS, I'd not suggest other tank mates.........just these Botia have not eaten that many adults and maybe did eat a few fry.

                  Their no#'s did not go down, they did increase, so they do/did not decimate the population, like they did for the snails

                  1 day, ate virtually every one.

                  Tom Barr


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                    Even other shrimp can inhibit the breeding process. I know that red cherries (if acclimated to CRS water) will outcompete them for food. Always best to go species only. Although I have seen some benefits to SOME snails in shrimp tanks, but is more about sharing space.


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                      Oh, Im glad to find this thread! I was wondering about TDS before and after WC, would you please share that info?

                      Do you think you could share a FTS and some info/pic of the surface agitation?

                      Also, How often and how much water you change?

                      I want to compare notes, thanks!


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                        Never measured TDS/Conductivity in that tank.

                        Tank is long gone, the 70 Gal manzigumi is the replacement


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                          Keeping any cards now?

                          I'm going to switch to timed co2, but I was thinking to start the co2 1hr before the lights. I remember you said something about the first critical hr for plants to have available co2. Is that right?


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                            Yes, the 1st 1-3 hours seems more critical for CO2.


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                              I changed to timed gas but Unfortunately I couldn't make my two timer plan, I had to stick it in the same timer with the light. I have set up the light in two sections, 3hrs then 3hr brake and 3hr more. Total 6hr. I have it like that so I can watch the tank while my son sleeps and later when my wife is with him.

                              This brings in another question about light, maybe another myth.

                              Does a light schedule divided in sections like that helps preventing algae vs a single 6hr block?

                              I don't remember where I saw that, but I was wondering now, since I increased co2 (24/7) some time ago to stop BBA and also staggered light. Now I don't know which one stopped it or both.

                              Anyhow, I won't change the light to be able to isolate the co2 change I just made for a few weeks to observe any changes.

                              Let's see if this bugs get all romantic now!


                              My first observation is that the co2 takes about 15 minutes to start been diffused from when the lights come on... its only 1bps in an inline mrAqua glass bubble counter, I guess it needs to build pressure.
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