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Interbreeding between ghost & Red Cherry Shrimp

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  • Interbreeding between ghost & Red Cherry Shrimp

    Hi, I currently have a 90g planted tank, non-co2 & EI dosing. I started off with 10 ghost shrimp last year & they have been breeding like crazy.

    I have finally been able to locate some Red cherry shrimp & would like to start breeding them (they cost about $5 each from private breeders & $35 from the LFS).

    My questions are:

    If I put them in my 90g tank will they interbreed with my ghost shrimp or do I need to use another tank?

    Can I safely assume that since the ghost shrimp are doing great, that my tank conditions will also suit the RCS?


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    Interbreeding between ghost & Red Cherry Shrimps

    Hi, in my experience of having both these in the same tank, they do inter breed.

    The tank conditions should suit the RCS since the Ghost Shrimps are doing well.

    Only my opinion, could be wrong.
    Shreyas Kumar M
    Bangalore, India
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      Be careful, ghost shrimp can prey on smaller or just molted red cherry shrimp. Here is a video of them doing it to yellow shrimp.
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        Wow 35$ at your lfs? What town is that in? We should open up shop there! People here complain about fancy shrimp in the 5 to 8 $ range.

        Henry tomassini
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