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I can't lower my PH for my shrimps, why?

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  • I can't lower my PH for my shrimps, why?

    I seem to be having a hard time getting my PH down from 8.0 . I have been doing RO/DI water changes and I have been able to get my KH from 9 down to 5 and my GH 15 down to 7. But my PH seems not to budge in my 125g and my 10g. My Tigers seem fine in my 10g and I have had them for approx 3 weeks now with no deaths. As for my crs out of the 15 I got a month ago I still have 10, 3 died 2 days after shipping and 2 are MIA. But in almost a month no deaths.

    Since I have lowered my GH and KH my crs have turned more white. I also have 3 bcs that have been in my 125g tank for about 3 weeks and they too are showing more white. Even 1 of my bcs is berried so I'm hopping for the best. I have no crushed coreal, no lime stone in my tank that would keep my PH up so have even after the RO/DI WCs. I actually have several large to hugh pieces of drift would that should be lowering my PH cause they tuen my water a light tea color. I have no clue as to why my PH is still so high

    Any help would be appreciated

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    What are you using to test you pH? Is it calibrated? Look into that first, because it sound like you pH is already lower.


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      I use Aquarium Pharmaceuticals test kit, both the high and normal test range.


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        Hmmm....can you calibrate them?