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Malaysian Live Bearing Snails

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  • Malaysian Live Bearing Snails

    Are Malaysian Live Bearing Snails a good or bad introduction to a planted tank?

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    I think they are good ones because they loose the gravel like the earthworms in the garden soil, in my aquarium I have soil sustrate mainly oak leaves when it was maturing, on th e beggining the Malayan snails release the gas bubbles aereating and avoiding the rot of the soil.

    They are also a good indicators when the things go wrong, if something bad happens they climb the glass inmediatly , a quick alarm system,


    PS: Excuse my grammar I'm learning to speak English...


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      I have them and they serve there purpose for churning the substrate. They are also good indicators of water quality because they often head to the top of the aquarium when water quality is poor.

      They reproduce like crazy but I just suck some out with a siphon when I clean the tank if they get out of hand.
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        I personally don't like them cause they seem to cover a lot of the tank at night and I also heard that they produce a lot of waste in the substrate.
        I think a lot of people like them though for chruning substrate and getting rid of some algae.