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    I recently came across some dark blue shrimp at the LFS which were labeled as "Blueberry Shrimp". Anyone have any experience with these guys? They look just like cherry red shrimp... well except they are blue.


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    Was it Hidden Reef? I had found a few differnt types there so I picked up a few of each. Check the link for more info:
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    Good Luck....
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      Hello There,

      I also just purchased "Blueberry" shrimp and it was from The Reef, , lol. There appeared to be two different types of shrimp in the tank, dark blue and a lighter blue. I figured that the lighter blue must be the males .

      One female (dark blue) was holding eggs and I assumed that she would drop them as they usually do when their moved. I was wrong , she gave birth this past week. The lighter blue shrimp have all turned red and look very much like RCS, lol. I am planning to go to the Reef today and will inquire about their origin. I will post when I have more info on them. One thing that I did notice about them is that their more argumentative with each other than the cherries are. Anyone a member of BCAS?


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        Yes, I did get them from the Hidden Reef. I also noted that they are somewhat combative. They fight a little with each other over algae wafers sometimes. A few of the larger ones have no problem mixing it up with my fish sometimes.

        Are either of you in a local club? I am on the e-mail list for the DVAGA (Delaware Valley Aquatic Gardner's Association), but have not attended a meeting yet. There is one on July 21st which I am going to try and goto.



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          PM sent


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            Blueberry Shrimp for Freshwater Aquariums

            Some blueberry shrimp are indeed Red Cherry Shrimp which have been altered to show blue colors, but the young are born as Red Cherry. True Blueberry shrimp are born clear and take on the blue colors as they grow. But there are conflicting reports about species (Neocaridina, Caridina) or origin (Germany, China).

            But if you are interested, pics and info are posted at
            Blueberry Shrimp