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Nerite Eggs -- Are they doomed?

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  • Nerite Eggs -- Are they doomed?

    I will try posting this here to see if I get any response:

    I have read that it is considered nearly impossible to breed Olive Nerites, and that they only spawn in Brackish to full SW. Also read that the babies like or possibly require Limestone...

    Well mine are laying eggs everywhere... Has anyone ever seen these survive in FW? I have heard rumors only... I was thinking of dropping in some pieces of limestone, and perhaps some salt in my 3g tank...

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    mine have done the same ive read about them and can only find they need saltwater to complete their lifecycle.
    Eclipse system 12
    heavily planted
    AH 36w retro kit light 2pm-11pm
    Substrate: Flourite
    Pressurized Co2 with Red Sea 500 reactor
    jbj regulator

    10g shrimp/Snail Only tank
    Flourite Red
    28w corallife aqualight
    Various mosses
    whisper 20 w/ sponge pre-filter.
    Feeding HBH Lobster crab bites and Algae Wafers.
    No Co2 and light fertilization