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Freshwater Bristleworm

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  • Freshwater Bristleworm

    Has anyone encountered one of these?

    I was cleaning some filter floss and had one about 2" long pop out into the sink. I did some research, and though there is very little info on the freshwater variety, and no info on them in aquariums. The literature suggests there are some 15k varieties of bristleworm, and only a couple live in freshwater.

    The one I found was about 2" long, a pinkish fleshy color with about 100 "bristles" down each side. You could clearly see red blood in its circulatory system, which "zig zags" down the length of its body.

    As for where is came from? All my plants are either from Aqua Forest or Ocean Aquarium in SF, ttrades from SFBAAPS members, and once I was part of a purchase of plants from Greenchapter. Of course that assumes it came in on some plants, and was not brought n on a fish or was already in the ECo complete in that tank.

    Anyone else seen one of these?

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    I've found them in the flourite in a couple of tanks before.
    they live deep in the gravel.
    reddish, about 1-2" long, about the same number of bristles.

    They are polycheates, but I'm not sure beyond the order.
    There are few resources, I might bring one over to the nematode lab, they likely have some info on polycheates or at least some ref books.

    I found nothing eailer when I saw one.

    They do not appear to harm fish and most fish and plecos etc, don;t seem too interested in eating them either.

    Tom Barr


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      It sounds like they are probably harmless then. From where this one was caught this one it seemed he must be eating the muck at the bottom of the filter. I did offer this one snails and fish food, neither were eaten, and it died after about 5 days in that tub.

      Here is a picture and a video of it:

      Freshwater Bristleworm Video


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        Yes, I knew by the description that was precisely the critter in question, Ditto on everything you have noted.
        Vile looking little beast.

        Tom Barr