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Algaefix toxicity test on Red Cherry shrimp

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  • Algaefix toxicity test on Red Cherry shrimp

    I have so many Fires and RCS I feed them to fish etc.

    I had gotten some Cladophora infested moss and has induced some hair algae, Spirogyra, out side in a shallow tray with some Xmas moss that grows on my redwood burl.

    I wanted to know if I could clean up the Moss by using this product that claims it will kill the green algae but not the plants or fish.
    They state it will KILL inverts.

    Undeterred, I added 10 RCS and dosed the 3 treatments and then a 4th.
    1-2 treatments did not seem to cause any death or issues.
    3, some started acting dead, but would swim off if you try and net them out.
    4 treatments(one every 24 hours), finally knocked off all the shrimp and a few still where kicking....but look to be dying soon.

    Many folks have moss or other plants that get infest with various Green algae, and a simple quarantine tank with an air stone with a little light is all that's needed.
    After the plants are cleaned up, you can return them.

    They said it was toxic to shrimp/inverts, it appears so, now I have a good method to get rid of pest RCS's but that does not harm the plants, even mosses.............or fish.
    Note, this will no grow plants, you still need to address that and it's 95% CO2 issues of some sort for the green algae near as I can tell.
    It took longer to kill the Spirogyra and other green algae however, took about 1 week total time.

    I added some Syg. "belem" to a tray outside for 4 days and it was covered quickly with green algae. The Algaefix also had no adverse effect on the plants and managed to kill off the algae.
    Controls had no Algaefix added and the algae was still very much present, but softer.

    So if you have shrimp etc in your tank, you can remove the troubled plants, add to a small tank, treat etc.
    If you lack shrimp, then you can hit it in the tank.

    Still you need to work on CO2 likely.
    So this only helps to clean things up while you do that.

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    Hi Tom,

    I have a little bit of Spirogyra on my UG and HC, by little I mean a 3x3 area. I didn't see it anyplace else in the tank, if it's there I'm missing it.
    Do you think it would take a week to take out that small amount?
    Also the dosage states to use 1ml per 10g every 3 days. In your post above you said >>4 treatments(one every 24 hours)<< Does that mean you would suggest to dose 1ml per 10g every day? Do you suggest any water changes while dosing daily?

    Thanks for your help,


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      I think a single dose ought to knock back minor issues if you catch them soon. Also, dose the region when you do a water change with no current around the area, then refill the tank after a few minutes.
      I doubt anyone needs more than this for the green species of algae.

      Tougher cases, might take 2 doses, but realistically, you have other issues if it comes back after a single dose.

      Fix the root issue, this is just to reduce the last bits of the algae issue.