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Help! MP-10 is chopping my shrimp!

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  • Help! MP-10 is chopping my shrimp!

    The last two mornings I have woke to find 1 or 2 shrimp dead, some with large wounds, one cut in half, below the current of the MP10. They are not directly below, but in the path of the current. I suspect that at night they find themselves swimming into the pump unknowingly where they soon get a serious beat down by the propeller. 6 shrimp in 3 signs of illness or other possible causes. It has to be the pump.

    Would it be bad to shut this down at night? Would plant health suffer from a reduced flow through the lights off period.

    the other thing I'm worried about is shrimp or fish finding their way in when it isn't running and getting the same propeller karate chop when it starts up.

    other suggestions?

    I like using the pump, I see a good flow through the entire tank and would like to continue its use.
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    Use the sponge prefilter they supply with the unit.


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      Curiosity Killed the Shrimp

      Hi Shawn,

      You are right the problem with shutting it down at night is they will just get in the other side and be chopped or beaten when you turn it on.

      As Tom Barr mentioned, use the filter.

      Or create an exclusion zone, it will not look nice but using a "breeder" net can solve the problem.

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        I didn't know they supplied a sponge. I didn't get one. Looks like I will order one.


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          Originally posted by ShadowMac View Post
          I didn't know they supplied a sponge. I didn't get one. Looks like I will order one.
          That's what I figured...........they should send them with any pump. Ask and complain, they should send it free, or buy 3 pack and have some extras on hand.


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            If its suppled phone them and let them know you didn't receive one. Often times they will honour your purchases missing pieces.
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              Thanks, I will give a call.


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                If you need one quick fluval carries some at petco/petsmart that fit most.


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                  Is this particular to the Vortech powerheads, or could I expect a similar problem with a Koralia nano? From the pictures I've seen, the Koralia powerheads seem to have a narrow "grille" around the propeller, except for the hole in the front and I don't see any shrimp being able to get in there while it's on.

                  Any thoughts?
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