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Java fern die off - ????

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  • Java fern die off - ????

    Hi all,

    My java trident and windelov are suffering a phase where the leaves overnight it seems turn brown in bunches. New growth is especially prone on the trident not as much on the older growth.

    The windelov loses a LOT in comparison.

    Nothing has changed as far as I know.

    I have seen this before with other javas.

    Ideas? I dose EI and have auto c02. Low light using T8.

    All else in the tank seems fine. Other plants and 'reg' java doing fine???

    Thanks in advance!


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    Could this adaption happen as ferns adjust to the change in CO2? What happens in the next two weeks should be telling. I would hope it comes back stronger. That it is happening to the new growth is troubling.
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      Did you get them submers or emers? Does the windelov form alot of new plants on it's leaves?

      I'm keeping 4 different variaties of Microsorum besides the regular one. All of them share the effect that that they can take quite a while to adapt. Aslong as there's nothing wrong with the new leaves I wouldent worry too much. Pruning off old bad looking leaves usually helps speed up the proces, but don't take them all off until the younger leaves have reached substantial size.


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        Hi all,

        Sorry should have given more info.

        Trident has been doing well in this tank since purchase for at least 3-4 months and purchased submersed. The windelov has been in my posession for >18 months in this same tank and this occurred once previously. I thought it c02 related at the time but not enough was my diagnosis as I had very high light at the time.

        These were healthy leaves with new daughters on the tops for the windelov. The leaf AND the daughters all died.

        The trident had no daughters, but nice new growth went bad in a day or two at most. I had been monitoring all growth so I noticed it right away. It happened quick.



        'When something's not right, it's wrong'. Bob Dylan

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          Normal! Who Me? Oh the Java Ferns

          Hi Gerry,

          I have come to regard the occasional die-off of Java ferns as normal.

          I have had tanks where they have gone on for years without the die-off and other tanks where it is routine.

          Always they come back with bazillion plantlets that start the rich growth over again.

          One reason I regard it as normal is I have noticed my outside tanks seem to undergo this at least once a year.

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            I agree with Biollante. The things just die off for no good reason. Sometimes mine come back, sometimes they don't. The internet offers dozens or reasons why this happens. I don't.