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Star Grass (Heteranthera zosterifolia)

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  • Star Grass (Heteranthera zosterifolia)

    I am having a little problem with this plant. I have a 55G thats been running for years. Heavily planted. Dosing EI method + a little extra iron 1X a week 1/4 tsp. When I do a water change I add a tbls of booster as well. Using CO2 and Have 4 55w AH Supply lighting. I run half at a time with a overlap of both for about 2 hours.

    All my plants are very healthy and growing like crazy. But this plant is growing at a nice pace as well but leaves just melt for no reason. Not all stems just some of them. Turn black looking with holes. I know there's a issue but everything else is just the way I would like. No algea issues either besides a little GSA on old leaves. Which I really dont consider a problem. I can snap a pic if that helps.

    These are a new addition to my tank but they are about 3-4 weeks old

    Any thought?


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    If the PO4 is relatively high, and you still have GSA and this plant is melting not growing like a weed, then it strongly suggest CO2.

    This plant seems a bit more sensitive to the CO2 than many species.
    Pics always help

    Tom Barr


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      I have upped my dosing about 50%. I was seeing some signs that there were some deficiencies + some algea issues. I have a piece of driftwood that was covered in it and it is slowly returning to a nice looking piece of driftwood. Ive been working at this for about a month. Each time adding 25% of the orginal amounts and keeping them all proportioned to each other. CO2 drop checker is actually in the corner above this plant and its a lighter green maybe just a little above where it should be but fish seem fine and plants are pearling.

      There is no harm in extra ferts in the water? I assume that what the plants dont use gets reset in water change days anyway.

      I could describe this all day but it wont help. I will take pics when I get home.



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        Hi Paul,

        The extra ferts will not harm anything, unless you WAY WAY overdose.......

        Yes, the unused is reset with the water change..........

        If you feel nervous, do an extra water change or two during the week while upping your dosing. Even 2X a week is good esp when having issues.

        The extra changes will not hurt and should help.......

        Also note that c02 is usually less than we think it is........

        As your plants grow or light increases, so must the c02 levels also increase. An increase in macros could exacerbate low c02 conditions.

        Hope this helps.
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          Extra ferts are not going to do any harm to fish or plants, but I doubt that's the issue, see above.

          Tom Barr


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            Hi Paul, try to change a little bit the current inside the tank, those 55gal has a no good shape to circulate water inside. if you CO2 checer is at on corner with a decent color, doesn't really mean that you have all the same level in the tank. nor just below it. If Hetheranthera Zosterifolia is having issues meanhwile other doesn;t probably is because is not receiving the same amount of nutrients.

            it could help besides to rise CO2.



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              Frakinn Star Grass (Heteranthera zosterifolia) grows like dandelion in my tank. The only areas to turn black are the ones in the corner of the tank where they virtually get no light. I throw this stuff out by the bucketfuls every week

              FWIW, this is in a 40 gallon, pressurized c02, 2 55 watt AH supply bright kit fixture approximately 10 inches above the top of the tank, split photoperiod(6 hours on, 2 hours off, and 6 hours on), Estimative index dosing at about 3/4 of recommended(no phosphate dosing as my tested tap water measures phosphate levels off the charts, but magnesium and calcium sulphate are also dosed), 50% weekly water changes,
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                I forgot to take the pic before I trimmed the dead parts but I put in a another hydor circulation pump and that was the issue. I have a big piece of driftwood and that was blocking flow into that corner.

                Its been a couple of days and they seem good now with no more melting. Its amazing how a couple of inches into a corner can make that much of a difference.



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                  Originally posted by Paul K View Post
                  Its amazing how a couple of inches into a corner can make that much of a difference.


                  thats right, we focus on how much, how often, what and know why,... but all of that have to reach our guests.

                  you can prepare a excellent dinner for 300 folks, but if you have only 270 chairs, some of them will be uncomfortable. and starving pass 12 o' clock.

                  many has been written about how to prepare the dinner, but a few, because is a matter a each party, how to set up the chairs.