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mineralizing clay substrate?

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  • mineralizing clay substrate?

    I will soon be swapping out my current substrate wich is mostly gravel for Montmorillonite (OIL DRI), aka. SMS, fullers earth, profile, turface etc.. I m about to start soaking it in tap water and it will soak for about a month. I plan to mix it with sand. I had read Tom mention this mix somewhere and he also mentioned mineralizing it.. Can someone enlighten me on how to go about this? or any tips on this mix would be nice. =)

    Thanks much!

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    This does not need mineralized or soaked.
    It's hard and "cooked".
    It also has no organic matter.

    Tom Barr


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      Well thats nice.. makes it easier. I was under the impression that it would pull minerals from the water column and play games with hardness etc.. Although iIhave been adding it to my tank on occasion and havent had any problems..

      I just went back and looked. It was wetland clay you were talking about. So what would be a good amendment for this stuff im working with?
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