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  • CO2 setup

    Well I finally have my pressurized system.
    Now I need a few questions answered.
    This is what I have....
    5 lb tank
    two gauge regulator with needle valve
    Aqua Medic 500 reactor(disfuser)

    Question 1
    one gauge tell if the tank is full/empty the other is the pressure coming out of the tank...what should that one be set at? It goes from 0 to 160.

    Question 2
    I can see the co2 inside the Aqua Medic 500...swirling around...should I see it coming out somewhere?

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    Re: CO2 setup

    I can't help you with question 1 as my set-up is not the same as yours.

    On question 2, you shouldn't see any bubbles coming out of the reactor if it is working efficiently as the CO2 will be in solution with the water.

    It would be a good idea to put a bubble counter after the needle valve to note the flow rate of gas. I made an adequate one out of an old PH test kit test tube and some air line tubing, but you can buy the commercial versions.

    Thread and now (ex)ALGAE Killer :gw


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      Re: CO2 setup

      The pressure should be set at between 1 and 2 bar, which is equivalent to about between 15 and 30 psi. This level of pressure is then further controlled using a needle valve to "fine tune" the output, usually through a bubble counter.

      The CO2 should all be dissolving within the reactor. CO2 rich water is then pushed out the bottom of the reactor by the pump flow.


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        Re: CO2 setup

        Thanks guys.....

        I made a bubble counter.....not working very fills with water, siphons from the tank when I turn the pump on. Is it suppose to be placed above the water level or am I doing someting wrong?

        I find the instructions for the disfuser (Aqua Medic500) to be very poor.

        the pump is suppose to attach to the "outlet adapter" however this adapter has two places where the pump can be attached....I don't know if it matters or not which one.