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When to start trimming new tank

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  • When to start trimming new tank

    Just set up this tank.. It's a shallow 8.6 gallon and it's only 1 week old. Plants consist of Eleocharis, Hemianthus, Rotala macrandra. No fish yet, so I'm cranking the CO2.

    I decided to do a submersed start since I didn't want to deal with the possibility of mold or fungus.

    When would be a good time to start trimming the HC? It looks to me like there's some vertical growth already. I've already trimmed the Rotala which seems to be growing like a weed, and it's responded well to the trimming. Is there a good way to tell when the HC is established enough to trim? I've grown HC before, and remember initially having trouble with the HC floating away, so I've been trying not to touch it.


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    Thats really cool. Nice start. Co2 and Light for the HC to spread and not stretch upward. Looks like you got plenty good light penetration seeing substrate so i would up co2 to get it to carpet more
    As well plant the runners individually, this will take a lot of work but you would have a entire full carpet in no time shorter then the planting as is right now. Pull each little stem and plant spaces, once again this is a lot of work, but worth it. If not, i do not see any problems but upping the co2 to get a better kind of carpet
    As far as trimming the HC you could do the turn the filter off trim with scissors and net all the trimmings up or you could make HC sods with a straight edge or razor just straight push down the edge where you want to cut, 4 sides, and pull.

    Hope this helps

    I dig this setup so much, you can do things to it

    Eat, sleep, breath PLANTS!
    -D. Singh


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      (just wanted to say. nice scape and tank measurements)


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        Thanks, and thank for the suggestions. I just tried cutting a couple runners and planting them... it was easier than I thought. The single stems actually seem to stay down easier than the bigger clumps. Looks like I have a project for this weekend.

        Also I've bumped up the CO2 even more... is it bad if I hear fizzing like soda from my tank? I'm tempted to mix it with some vodka and see how it tastes.


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          See or hear? Naw not bad

          Eat, sleep, breath PLANTS!
          -D. Singh


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            Nice ...
            It can get beter depth , if u remove substrate from front, and leave 3-4cm substrate in the front( cuba not make big roots) , and get highter to the back.
            In the past when i make a carpet with this plant , after some months it get float all... So its a must after some months to replant.