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  • Time to change that water...

    Why is it that after a water change the plants immediately start pearling like crazy? (mine anyway).

    Normally my plants start pearling 6-8 hours after the lights have been on. But I could change the water at any time in the morning and the plants immediately start pearling to the point that they get covered by bubbles after minutes. This never happens again until the next water change.

    At first I thought this would be because the tap water could be saturated with O2 which is why I see the pearling right away. The problem is, I can leave the water in a barrel for 24 hours and get almost the same results. Also, I never see this level of pearling again throughout the week, even after 10 hours of lights.

    If it is not the above, then is it nutrients in the tap water? Can't be the normal N, PO4 or standard traces because they are available in abundance in my tanks. Only other thing could be Ca & Mg, but then again I can add them at any time and do not get the same level of pearling.

    Can anyone enlighten me?

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    Re: Time to change that water...

    pk1, i've allways understood it to be the oxygen in the new water.most of us change quite a bit of water.i think if you change much less water you will notice that you will see less perling. just a thought! regards,cornhusker


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      Re: Time to change that water...

      Since you left the water in the barrel and the temp is at the same as the tank, as well as degassed, you may simply have low CO2.

      Try adding more CO2 and see if the pearling rate does increase or not.

      Tom Barr