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Schedule 80 Clear PVS

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  • Schedule 80 Clear PVS

    Sorry meant PVC in thread title but don't know how to edit it...Well my new 190gal rimless/braceless/starphire is sitting at top of driveway in a crate awaiting installation into family room. Using a sump and CPR overflow (CS202 is a monster!!).
    I don't really see anyone using clear pvc for their plumbing from overflow to sump and back. Any reason why? I'm thinking of using it unless there is some inherent problem/issue

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    Well I'll make a guess. Besides the cost, clear anything is a great way to grow algae.


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      Cost is about it, I use it on 2 tanks.


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        Can Really "Class Up" an Installation


        Clear Schedule 80 Rigid PVC Pipe from US Plastics.

        I ordered some Clear Schedule 80 Rigid PVC Pipe through Home Depot a few years ago.

        I recommend planning on some cleanouts, give yourself a way to run or pull a brush through.

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          Nice idea thanks