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  • Needing some help

    Hello everyone, I'm new here, and new to aquatic plants in general. I was given a Fluval Edge with some aquatic plants in it, and I'm not sure the names. I know one is Anubias, but the other I have no idea. The one I'm looking to get some help with is the one I don't know the name of too lol. But it's growing roots out of the leaves, and it's not the prettiest looking thing. It seems like it's growing a lot, but I don't know why it's growing the way it is. I'm about to do a water change because the water is dirty and wanted to do the right thing before I do so. If you guys have some tips, and maybe some other plants that would grow good in this tank let me know. I'm very to new to this hobby, so any information is greatly appreciated!

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    Hi Welcome to the forum

    The plant looks like a type of java fern, someone will come along who has much more expertise than i have, but it looks these are baby plants and will or can be pulled from the parent plant and grown.

    Hope this helps


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      yep, I believe they refer to that as sexual reproduction, but some experts will tell you for sure, however, it is producing a couple plants per leave, when they get bigger the leaves they are on will start to melt and you can easily pull off the baby plants and either sell them or attache them with string or plastic coated wire tie to rocks/driftwood, both of the plants you have are super easy to grow and do not require extra CO2 or ferts, just do regular water changes 30% per week should do it and the fish food should provide them the nutrients they need... enjoy your tank =^)