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Smaller New tip Growth

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  • Smaller New tip Growth

    Hi, my plant is showing some kind of deficiency, the new tip growth become smaller n smaller, i hav up my co2 injection to 3-4bps, indicator showing yellow already! Any idea what's happening ?

    tank 4'x1'x1.5'H
    No3 - 10ppm
    GH 14,
    KH 2
    PH 6.4
    Temp 27-28c
    T5 54W 6500k x 2pc 10 hours daily
    Gravel + JBL base fert
    Daily Fertilized with NPK+ trace
    eheim 2217 filter
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    Small tip growth could be NO3 or CO2 deficiency. 10 ppm NO3 is very low, because, how good is your test? With 10 ppm my tank runs out within a few days. I'd double this and give it at least a two weeks to see what happens. Your plants need time to recover.

    If no succes, start eyeballing the CO2. The second pic looks like a CO2 deficiency.

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      I am using JBL Easy Test 5 in 1 test strips. will double dose the KNO3, and see how it goes. Regarding Co2, to adjust higher ? Indicator showing yellow color, but fishes seem ok. Is the long term co2 indicator not reliable ? or is better to use fish or shrimp as an indicator ? (too much co2, fishes would swim near water surface.) Too much Co2 will hurt plant ? Does my tank's water chemistry friendly to plant ? The green stuff on the tank wall, is it Green Dust Algae ? does it got to do with too much KNO3 or what others ??

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        Test strips are not very reliable. Just add more NO3 for now and see what happens. More CO2 will never hurt your plants. A drop checker is a very crude device and will just show CO2 level in that spot. Maybe the flow is kind of low in your tank which makes CO2 deficiencies obvious.

        GDA is hard to eradicate. Less light helps, maybe you can do something to make sure less light hits the windows.

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