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Dry start, fissidens and hairgrass, support needed

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  • Dry start, fissidens and hairgrass, support needed

    i set up a dry start tank 3 weeks ago using fluval shrimp stratum, a few rocks and planted with dwarf hairgrass and phoenix moss (fissidens sp). I bound the fissidens to squares/triangles of craft mesh and fitted them around my rocks (the tank is an old school hexagon). It looks nice, the hairgrass is growing, the phoenix moss is healthy but not growing much but when I increase the water the craft moss floats. I presume I need to take out some water. The substrate is higher at the back than the front, so there is a bit of water collecting at the front. I can remove this though. I am concerned also about a musty smell when I remove the cling film lid.

    Am I on the right track?

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    So my post has 46 views, but no replies. Is it in the wrong place?


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      Moss might do better if you spray with some tank water and keep it right above the water where capillary action will keep it moist.
      You can/should air the tank out a little more, but watch you do not too dry, or too wet.

      Several keep Fissidens in terrariums without water, but mist it with their tank water.

      I keep some on top of driftwood that pokes out and above the surface.


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        Thank you. I will try that.


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          Originally posted by peaches View Post
          So my post has 46 views, but no replies. Is it in the wrong place?
          Sometimes folks look, then decide not to post, maybe many of them have never done DSM, or know what to tell you. # of views does not tell you that they saw it, but........can also help.
          Better to have a few good responses, than the 10 of "Hi, how are ya today? I do not really know the answer to your question, but this is great place and someone will chime in etc......."
          Once you get a few post chugging along, then folks pipe up.

          Some topics are more prone to interest. I've posted many things and NEVER gotten a response, that has happened a lot in fact.
          It's not personal, never assume that it is.

          Adding a pic is always more likely to get responses also and be helpful to the issue.
          Baiting the topic sometimes works.