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Amazing little ottocinclus !

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  • Amazing little ottocinclus !

    Last week we brought home 5 ottos among the first inhabitants of our 41 gal. We are in love with these small and lively fishes. Not only they are tireless workers that have rendered our algae magnet useless, they display quite interesting behaviour. Four of them form a gang, you often find them in the same spot, but the fifth is a lone wolf with completely different habits. However, when I turned off the filter this evening to do some maintenance, the five of them shoaled in a tight pack until I get switched on the filter again. A few minutes later they ceased to show a shoaling behaviour. Much more interesting than our cardinals !

    How do you rate your ottos in term of "interest behaviour" ?

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    They are interesting to watch at times, I often se mine split into packs of 3, a few though normally are loners

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      I have 20-24 and they are great fish. I will get more. They school a lot and even will shoal with the rummies for awhile, although they can't keep up for long

      Mine are very fat but I never see any diatoms either, and I had plenty of them...

      They also do the solo thing, but usually are near each other. You can see them resting in the trees, on proximate branches...


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