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  • Co2 absorption

    Hello,first post for me.
    I use to run my pressurized co2 through an atomizer into my intake on a eheim canister. This worked but I would have to burb my canister everyday.
    I bought a marineland c160 just for my co2. I'm still running the eheim canister also.
    I'm doing the same method with the marineland, atomizer into the intake. I'm still having the same issue where I'm getting buildup but since it has the virtual no bypass it burbs itself.
    Since it's burbing itself am I wasting co2? It comes out and goes straight to surface. Should I be using the atomizer? Is it better to not break the bubbles up and send a whole bubble? Would that eliminate the co2 build up and give me 100% absorption ? Thanks for any information.

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    I wouldn't recommend running an inline atomizer or diffuser on the intake end of the canister. You could damage the pump and I would imagine the filter is loud.

    Why not place the inline atomizer on the ouput side? If you want to increase dissolve rates I suppose you could run the inline atomizer prior to a reactor.


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      It's not loud untill it burbs. This rarely happends.
      I don't want the 7-up effect in my tank that's why I run it into the intake. I bought this canister for this reason because I didn't want to ruin my eheim canister. Plus the extra water flow doesn't hurt.
      I would like this to not be a debate on where I should put my atomizer at.
      What I would like to know is,
      1 since I run an atomizer is this why I get so much build up?
      2 should I not break up the bubbles and send a whole bubble thru canister?


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        the interweb is touchy these days...

        Ok, no debate on the location of your atomizer. Just trying to be helpful.:cower:

        I suggested the reactor post atomizer on the output side to improve dissolve rates and eliminate the microbubbles within the tank while at the same time eliminating the burping canister filter. This would also have been considered a possible solution the the 7-up effect that concerns you.

        You will get burping if its a whole bubble or an "atomized" bubble. Its gas build up in your filter, if you put CO2 into the intake it will burp. I think an atomizer would be better since smaller bubbles dissolve faster (greater surface area to volume exposed to the water). But the small bubbles will collect into big ones within the filter media.


        1) No, you get build up because you are putting gas into your filter intake.
        2) Whatever you like best...because it probably doesn't matter.
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          I think Tom Barr recommends a "de-mister" device in here somewhere, some sort of sponge on the filter outflow, but I can't find it now sorry. Maybe he will just chime in here and repeat his advice
          Nothing is simple.