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How to Build an SGT 500 (2)

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  • How to Build an SGT 500 (2)

    Bought this wonderful SGT500 from Left C. Thank you for a quality unit.
    Here are pics of how it came:

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    More pics:

    more pics after I removed a majority of the parts that came on it:

    Have to replace this gauge:


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      New guages:

      Old Gauges:

      Teflon tape is a must on stainless body regs:


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        Let the build begin:

        Installing the in-body filter:

        New stainless CGA 320:


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          Removing the relief valve and installing a hollow hex plug:



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            Post Body construction:


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              I'm waiting for my stainless buna-n burkert, which I will wire and show on this thread. Then I will transfer all my stainless components from my VTS253A-1993 (stainless Ideal Valve and post body parts) to this regulator.

              More to come!

              Here is the SGT (left) next to the HPTC500:
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                add one of these.


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                  Originally posted by bettatail View Post
                  add one of these.
                  Already have an Ideal V54-1-12.


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                    wow. i'm going to start drooling. That's an amazing looking system so far.


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                      Well, some bad news for those of us that love the Victor SGT series. Victor/Thermadyne will not rebuild these due to the corrosive/toxic nature of their gas service. If you buy new from Victor, and a warranty issue comes up, instead of fixing the unit, they will replace the regulator with a brand spankin' new one. This is great if you buy new from victor, but how about those of us who buy second hand SGTs online?

                      So, buyers of SGT160s, SGT500s, beware that if they are broken or have leaks, Victor?Thermadyne doed not rebuild/repair these.

                      There are, however, a couple places that will do it. One was recommended to me by my contact over at Thermadyne. These shops will rebuild the stainless units w/ Victor OEM parts, but it will cost you a bit more than aftermarket. And the turn around could be as long as 1 month (give or take a couple weeks).

                      So, if you SGT ever fails, feel free to contact me via PM. I have the info for two shops that will work on these nasty regulators.

                      That said, I'm just waiting on my Stainless Buna-N burkert to build this beast!


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                        Great looking builds! How many wraps of teflon did you use on the fittings?


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                          forgot to update this thread:
                          Well, my stainless Burkert type 6011 (with Buna-N seals) came today after the 35 day lead time. I wired it and built this unit to replace my VTS253A-1993 on my 55L.

                          Here is the original one on my Mini-M


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                            That is very nice, Matt!


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                              Originally posted by Left C View Post
                              That is very nice, Matt!
                              Thanks, Left C. I am enjoying the reg very much.
                              It's a steady piece.