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Attach c02 tubing to DIY needle wheel pump

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  • Attach c02 tubing to DIY needle wheel pump

    Hi all,

    Maybe another 'duh' moment for me, but....

    I use a Rio 1000 with a DIY needle wheel for c02 in my 180.

    The c02 tubing diameter of course does not fit easily into the intakes grates of the pump.

    I had used suction cups to hold the tubing under the grate so the c02 would rise up and enter the intakes from about .25" away.

    Well due to current and time, there were times when the c02 bubbles would hit the grate and not enter the intake...with the new improved flow it got worse and noticeable.

    So, I used a flexible hair 'scrunchie' as a rubber band and now have the tube placed optimally and the hair tie keeps it firmly in place and pressed right against the intake grate spacing. No more wandering bubbles for me. Also no need to cut the intake to open it more or squeeze the c02 tubing to fit which I did not want to do.

    Simple thing, not sure why I didn't think of this before....

    I like this better than a rubber band, as the hair tie is black and softer than a rubber band.

    Cost pennies so it easy to replace if needed.

    Plus, the cats think they are the best toys... they can be 'shot' just like rubber bands. they are all over my apt from doing that.. they love to chase them and play 'fetch' with them..

    Two for one!
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