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Just checking my needle valve and solenoid section

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  • Just checking my needle valve and solenoid section

    I just wanted to get some opinions on my choice of solenoid and check valve.

    I got the Burkett solenoid which was my first choice after I found out clippard are no longer quality built, I believe this was a good choice.

    The valve is a swagelok SS-2MG4-MH, I'm on the fence about this valve as to wether or not it is right for my application, anyone using one of these?

    Thanks for any input.

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    You'll be alright. It's a "medium flow" valve which will work- especially since you have the micrometer handle. I'm using one almost identical to this but based on my experience I've been recommending swagelok's "Low flow" valves instead. Reason being that I find the entire useful adjustment range exists in the distance between two tick-marks on the handle. I'd much prefer less sensitivity / more precision. Thus I placed an order for a low flow valve to replace mine. (it's a 12 week lead time while they make a batch so I'm going to be waiting a while for my order. )

    Your burkert solenoid valve should be good to go. Lots of people around here have had very positive experiences with burkert.
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      Thanks for the info, that sets my mind at ease

      It's for a calcium reactor so I'm thinking it may be more precise than I actually need, if that turns out to be the case I may use it on a planted down the road and get a manifold and another needle valve for this setup. Like most of us nothing goes to waste just an excuse for more equipment and another tank


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        If anyone is looking for the brass burkert solenoid 6011 I got mine here for $53 shipped, ordered yesterday already shipped will be here on the 8th.