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bubble from canasters....?

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  • bubble from canasters....?

    in my Co2 injected 90 gal i'm running 3 ehiem canasters. 1 for bio and 2 with poly fill changed weekly. just last week bubble started coming from my 2 with floss. is it possibly something to do with co2 or did both o-rings fail at the same time? i remember reading something some time ago about co2 building up in canasters but can't find that any where. i'm wide open for suggestions. thanks in advance

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    If you inject CO2 only when light on, then I would check just before the CO2 session begins
    whether there are bubbles or not. The build up shouldn't last that long.

    My bubble-in-canister problem was from loosened hose on inflow (into the canister) side, BTW.
    A hose-clamp solved it.
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      I used to build up an air pocket in my canister filter. I use a water pump to mist co2 in the tank and it was aimed at the intake of the canister filter and I suppose alot of CO2 got sucked into the filter. I moved the input of the filter to the other side of the tank and now I don't get the air pocket.

      You might want to see if you are sucking in CO2 into the filters as well.


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        my bubbles seem to only come out of 2 of the filters after co2 has been on for around 8 hours toward the end of the tank day. this is why this is so confusing to me. the flow from the pumps seem to drop off as well, but is fine again by morning. or so it seems?


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          I have the same thing here. Also I see almost no pearling.
          So my guess is that the canister I now use has such a high flow rate that it sucks the gas that normally shows as pearling right in.
          And that it is building up in the canister.