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  • Crap.

    So I've been in the process of overhauling my ten gallon. I'm also trying to create a DIY dosing pump out of a modded air pump. The easy part is getting the pump going. The hard part is getting a measurement of the flow rate. I thought I had the pump set correctly and hooked a bottle of Seachem Flourish to a gang valve then opened it up to get the flow going, then shut it almost completely closed to a crawling rate of around 1 tiny drop every half minute or so, or at least I thought. Sure enough I look up at the tank after i'd been tinkering around with it and to my surprise the water was yellow.

    I'm not sure if I should be worried about doing a water change as my fish seem to be unaffected, and I read somewhere in the seachem forum that theres nothing in Flourish that can hurt the fish. I also read that its a possibility a 'chemical reaction' occurred (which I doubt). I honestly don't know any of the parameters of my water. I know the water is very, very hard as I had a local aquarium store test it.

    I'll probably leave it a day and if see if it clears up a little. If it doesn't, i'll probably go ahead and do a 50% water change.

    By the way: Hello! to everyone here. This is kinda the first post i've maid aside from a blog comment and a post on Tom's external reactor thread.

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    Hi mdwheeler, welcome

    One tiny drop can already be 0,5 ml. It's very easy to overdose that way. Maybe one or two tiny drops per day would be better. I'd change 50% water anyway. On a ten gallon that takes round 5 minutes.


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