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    So after some fertilization negligence on my part, I am back to a regular routine.

    Here are a couple of relatively new grow leaves. What is missing/causing the yellow leaves/ dark veins? Also hard to see in the photos the leaves have a bit of a wavy/scalloped curl to them around the margins.scalloped

    Too little Mg? Too much Mg restricting Iron uptake? Not enough Calcium?

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    It would be easier if you wrote how much NO3 , PO4 , K , traces you dose... .. co2..?
    Also some tank specs... ..light?

    Why bother with deficency identification when you can rule it out with EI...


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      All Together Now, CO2 For Sure


      CO2 for sure. :gw

      Likely trace (zinc?), I will look closer later.

      I am with ibanezfrelon, more info is better. EI eliminates nutrients so you can focus on CO2, circulation and lighting.

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        We all live in a yellow...

        Because a laps of dosing caused this, EI should return this situation to normal. You will need to wait for new growth and can prune back the yellow leaves. If the leaves continued to yellow, turn brown and necrotic it could point to low levels of magnesium. If it's an iron deficiency the leaves should become brittle and I am not sure, but the level of Mg to prevent plants from absorbing iron would have to be unusually high. The distorted leaf shape suggests Mg or CO2 deficiency to me. Zinc deficiency would show up on old growth. More information, Ca and Mg levels in the tap water, levels of light and the other missing puzzle pieces ibanezfrelon and Biollante asked for would help. In truth, without that information I'm really just pissing in the wind. Something I do way too often around here.
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          I think you're right about the Mg deficiency, maybe your GH is too low, although it looks like you have more problems than just that.


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