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Mixing ozone and co2

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  • Mixing ozone and co2

    Just wondering.. can i split my co2 reactor so that it has 2 inputs 1 for ozone and 1 for co2?

    This way i don't have to put any equipment in my aquarium and the ozone solved for 100%...

    Furthermore.. Is normal co2 tubing ozone resistant?

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    you have a philips aquarium purifier???
    I tried one from jaap liefting, but I don't see whether it is working or not.
    the apparatus makes clicks, but otherwise??? I put connected an airpump to it and let it bubble in a glass for one hour..... measured the redox afterwards in this glass as well as in a control and didn't measured any increase in redox potential...

    anyway.. just a side step.

    real question: why do you want to use ozone????




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      Well the main reason is just to purify my water. Something fishy (hehe) is in my water.. You know the massive algue problems i had, so i wanted to switch to Ozone just to sterilize my water and make sure no other shit is causing problems. Also, because i get one for free, it doesn't hurt my wallet to try.


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        You mean splitting the input where the CO2 gas comes in.
        You need a t-stuk (sorry don't no the correct English word for it but Gilles will understand it) thats fits CO2 tube and ozone tube. Is this the same size?
        I am not sure it this is available. My guess is that the pressure of the CO2 keeps the ozon out of your CO2 system. But I ma not sure if the ozon device give enough pressure to to keep the CO2 from entering this system.


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          Good point, hadn't thought about the co2 pressure yet

          p.s. will use an wooden airstone at first, to see how that goes.


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            UV will do better than O3.

            O3 is really not that useful for us.........I've used it and it can easily kill plants and fish like Chlorine.
            More for marine systems. Can be used with a Redox controller(I'd suggest this)

            Tom Barr


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              If you feed them in separately I don't see why you'd have a problem unless the O3 unit didn't have enough pressure to keep water from backing up through it. You'd probably do well to get a check valve of some sort in there, but I have no idea if you can find one that's not going to react to the O3.