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  • Mazzie

    Will I started to setup my new 2yr old filter system and my Mazzie was to large #$%@!!
    Has any one run a mazzie strait to the return line without a loop ??? My second thing is to cut my mazzie loop setup down some more .

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    It can be done but won't be as effective (maybe) or easily throttled (fer sure).

    Please provide details on why it is too large???

    What is going on? Please provide more detail?


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      I underestimated the space under my tank, When I bought the tank an setup I thought I had room behind the tank to the wall , on one side I had room an the other it was a tad to close for my 1in return to fit , it still fit toward the middle of the tank. But under neath I have to get every a tad more closer together.
      My mazzie was built like the pic but the sides were longer. Now have to butt the unions up to the tee's and shorten the ball valve shorter because I can't slide my Y return to the end of my tank like it was made for . So now I have to angle my pump filters an mazzie to connect to the return. Wife said just try to move the tank when you empty the water "yea right"!!! With my EC gravel all wet 4in to the front 8in in the back that ain't moving , Her next question was just take all the gravel out! :gw It took me half a day to put in.
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