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  • Splitting CO2


    What is the best way to split CO2 to feed into 2 different locations? I would like to feed some CO2 into my AM1000 and also some CO2 into an in tank powerhead for a little misting action.

    Currently, I have it connected up like this:

    CO2 bottle -> Regulator -> Solenoid -> Needle Valve -> Bubble Counter -> T-piece
    - branch 1 goes to AM1000
    - branch 2 goes to a second Needle Value -> powerhead

    I get a good balance for a while, but, eventually the back pressure (I suppose) changes somewhere; then the AM1000 gets all the flow.

    Would I be better of splitting immediately after the solenoid when the gas pressure is higher, and perhaps feeding into 2 parallel needle value/bubble counters?

    Or do I really need a regulator with dual outputs? ;-) I think I already know this is the best way to do it - but is there a reasonable alternative with the parts I already have?

    6' Planted Tank (72" x 18" x 20") - 4 x 30W T8 Tri-Phosphors - 2 x Eheim 2217 'Classic' canisters
    Flourite substrate - Ocean Runner OR-2500 + AM1000 - Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6045
    6.8kg Catalina CO2 - Red Sea Pro regulator - Swagelok B-SS4-A metering valve - Vecton 600 UV

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    I've tried it before, the best way I found was this way:

    CO2 bottle --> Regulator --> Solenoid --> T --> 2 needle valves --> 2 bubble counters

    That is if the lights on both tanks have the same schedule.

    If not, I would proceed this way:

    CO2 bottle --> Regulator --> T --> 2 solenoids --> 2 needle valves --> 2 bubble counters

    Hope this helps.
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      Here's some pictures of fordtrannyman's regulators that feed multiple tanks. These are similar to argnom's first example except they are feeding more than two aquariums.

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        TheKillHaa Maybe On To Something, Worth A Try, Me Thinks

        Hi Scott,

        I have never tried it but this seems a novel, not to mention cheap solution.

        I guess I am curious about control, but at a US$ or two it seems worth a try.

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          I had the same problem as you. One was working or the other. Now I'm using two separate systems. Double bottles last twice as long. They never get empty at the same time.


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