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    i have 75g tanks its about 2 month old, heavy plants, co2, EI. mY shrimps are dying, i had alot of frys they are about 1cm, the mature shrmps are dissappering, found 2 dead ones. am not sure what the cause? amonia 0, ph down to 5.9 with co2 on, 6.6 with co2 off, dc light green (with 4KH)?
    fish are:
    5 SAE
    3 Farlowella
    I DID NOT FEDD THE FISH FOR 4 WEEKS (since they were introduced to the tank 1 month after setup, with the shrimps and sae ), THE TWIG FISH ATE ALL THE BROWN ALGAE, no gree algae except few GSA HERE AND HERE? STARTED FEEDING YESTERDAY, 2 DEAD TODAY, THEY ARE RED NOT WHITE?
    am i adding too much co2?// othe fish looks ok?
    is it po4 , since am dosing up to 2ppm?
    KH 2, GH5

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    First the PH is way to low for dwarf shrimps. Second your water is to soft for them. PO4 does not bother mine.
    Is suggest you add some GH booster to. The KH and HG most be at least 4 - 8 bit 5 10 will be good for them.
    When the KH goes up your PH will also increase.


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      my tap water is 4kh, after 1 day in the tanks its down to 1, am adding 35g of gh booster (grumpy's) it will go up to 2-3.


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        CO2, lack of food........perhaps.

        They are bullet proof, mine have never died, just breed like flies. It's gotten to the point they are now just feeders for other fish tanks.

        Tom Barr


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          My A. agassizii spends there entire day looking for shrimps that fit there mouth :-)
          A other possibility is a new plant. Sometimes new plants are disinfected with stuff where shrimps are very sensitive about.


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            Not PO4. Not Predation. Change?

            My N. denticulata sinensis survive water conditions very similar to yours hani. They do have a hard time with the water change. Aerating the tank heavily on water change day seams to help. Other wise, they have survived Angelfish and dragonfly naiad predation, NH4 levels of 0.56ppm, PO4 and low KH. They might be hungry. This is great stuff

            The older they are the harder it is for them to acclimate to the new conditions, but they are "bullet proof" as Tom says. I do wonder if going from 1dKH to 4dKH is the cause. My fish don't seam to like it.

            Does anyone raise the KH in the tank a bump the day before a water change to soften the blow of a 3 degree change in KH? Probably not.
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