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CO2 bubble rate has gone down?

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  • CO2 bubble rate has gone down?

    I just noticed my PH has increased to 7.0 from a steady 6.6 .
    My pressurized CO2 bubble rate has gone down considerably and no one has touched the settings.
    I have Reg Grigg's BDR with an Ideal Valve.

    Tank (10lbs) is almost totally full, low pressure is the same.

    The only thing that has changed is outside temperature down 6-10 degrees F, and have allowed my KH to go down (have not added baking soda at water change) to 53.7ppm (3 degrees).
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    If high AND low side pressure is same but bubble rate is decreased and no other changes, I would look for a leak perhaps, or a loose fitting somewhere?

    Maybe a bad or clogged check valve?

    I would think that the ph increase is related to the decreased co2, but do not want to assume it is the cause


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      Just readjust the needle valve to get back to the same bubble rate. Watch it for a day to be sure the rate stays constant. The flow rate we use for CO2 is so minute almost any needle valve can do this. Of course the better the quality of the valve the less likely this is.