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  • ext5000

    I bought this thinking I could do away with the 7-up look. I like the idea but I do believe that the clear container should have been longer for more faster flow rate. I'm using this on my 110g tank to replace my Atomic diffuser.
    I have a Eheim 2262 that i connected too and I see a lot of micro bubbles dancing around in my tank? My co2 is like a stream just to get my DC to turn green by the end of the day.
    I've check for leaks every thing is ok , I do see a lot of co2 passing thru the sponge , should I replace the sponge or will this slow the flow down if a more finer sponge was use?

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    Will I did run the ext5000 without the rio pump been on just to see what happens , will the bubbles dancing around in the tank are smaller than they are with the pump on. I think that my Eheim 2262 filter is to strong for this reactor . The force of the flow from the filter is forcing the co2 to be push thru the sponge and escaping out into the tank witch is causing me to use more co2 from my co2 tank.
    Could adding some small bio balls and fill the upper half of the reactor spread the flow in the reactor so that the co2 will last longer to get more mix?


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      I bought one and spent the money and it now sits in my utility. I wouldn't sell it as used at my store. It requires just the right amount of flow and it gets clogged up easily. A 29$ atomizer works much better. Just my thoughts (And yes it uses an obscene amount of co2)


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        I had the 29$ atomizer but didn't like the 7-up look. The problem I see with this reactor is that my Eheim 2262 filter is slamming the co2 thru the sponge with the force of the water flow . Like to hear from any one who build a Cerge's Reactor ever had this problem .


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          wow, thats alot of flow on an eheim..... I have an ext and I run it with a 4xp (450gph) and to me thats perfect, but I removed the sponge for the most part and just left a little bit of it over the bottom of the PVC to keep most of the gas from escaping, I like to let a little out so it doesnt build up with CO2 and stays effecient.... If I didnt remove the sponge, I definately would have wanted more flow.... I would say put the sponge thing as low as it goes while still being at or above the bottom of the PVC, and it some gets out, it gets out... CO2 is cheap to refill, and you do no have to put up with the soda can effect

          BTW not to thread jack, but I bought an atomizer and am not happy w it, just for the general amount of CO2 it gets into the water, it was no where close to taking care of the CO2 needs in my 75 gallon, I tried it for 4 days and got a bloom of hair algae...

          IMO if its suiting your CO2 needs for the tank, I wouldnt care if it wastes a little CO2, but then again I dont have any CO2 tanks smaller than 20lb so even when I use alot its many months between fills....


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            I've only have is 1x 10lb tank for my 110g tank with the eheim 2262 for filtering. You know Green Thumb Aquatics , I only use 1 elbow on the reactor on the out-put side to connect my Hydro heater maybe I should have use both that came with the reactor? I also thought of replacing that scrubby think that came with the ext5000 and use a filter sponge that's more finder and add small bio balls to break up the flow.

            Where did you get a wrench to remove the clear canister? I wounder if I could fine a longer clear canister to replace the one that came with?
            Would have to find out what brand this house filter is.
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              I spoke to aquarium about the reactor, the tech guy there said they get it from a farm supply place, so I am guessing its kinda universal, the longer you can make it the less chance of bubbles getting out of the bottom....

              the rio pump the put in the bottom I would think would not do alot at the rate you are sending water though...

              possibly just take that out, use a longer PVC tube, and just put a kitchen scrubber down at the bottom between the PVC and bottom of the canister, a longer canister would definately do the trick

              I did not use a wrench, I just make sure its screwed on to the wall really well, close the valve, put a bucket under and unscrew it leaving the cap still attached to the wall

              I will see if I can dig up some pictures of how I have it now

              I also removed one of the ball valves and all the elbows to make the flow faster, so adding the elbows I'm sure would slow it down a little....

              btw, if you are going to use foam in it to help keep the bubbles in, make sure your filter has tons of foam with smaller pores than the foam you want to use in your reactor, I can definately tell you even the scrubber will get clogged and need cleaned from time to time, so you really will need to clean it once a month if using foam.... this is probably exaggerated on my setups as the only foam/mech filtration I use is large pore prefilters on the intake of my canisters

              hope this helps