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  • Planted Tank Sump Advice

    Greetings everyone,

    I have had a successful 55 gallon planted for a while and I am now venturing into a bigger 180 gallon tank.

    To increase biological filtration, as well as to hide all the equipment I have decided to build a sump. I've been reading a lot about planted tank sumps, and have looked at various designs. it seems that the main issues is the loss of co2.

    In any case the tank I have to build my sump is 48x18x18 and I was wondering if anyone has a simple design for mechanical (perhaps a sock) and biological filtration chambers that is "Planted and CO2 friendly".

    Thank you so much for the help.

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    Hi Carlos,

    So you will be using the 55 gal as the sump basically? Is the 180 pre-drilled? Twin overflows?

    I know there are many designs on the web, I have always purchased a wet/dry as it is easier for me....and they already have the trickle design in place....

    Biggest c02 loss is at the overflows themselves, based on design, and how much air gets into the wet/dry. You need to seal them real well..

    Sorry I can't help more at this stage..not at DIY a sump and wet/dry...


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      For my 210 I use a regular 29g tank with 2 sock attachments. I have a mag2400 in the sump pushing the water into an oceanclear polishing filter. I still have some ceramic media in the sump but with all the plants I shouldn't need it.


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        Cool idea. How about emersed plants growing along the water bridge.

        I've often thought about building an emersed setup with a pump that pumps water to the top of some rocks creating a water fall. The water flows through an emersed setup and back into a regular aquarium. The idea sounds so peaceful to me. dreamin'.
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