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How Does Temperature Affect Plant Growth?

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  • How Does Temperature Affect Plant Growth?


    What is the optimal temperature range to grow aquatic plants? How much is minimum and maximum range of temp for most of aquatic plant to survive?

    From what I know is the colder the temp, the slower the plants will grow and the lower the CO2 and fertz are needed and vice versa. but will temp affect their growth pattern? Such leaves shape or color, etc?

    I live in tropical climate which only has 2 seasons and the average temp in the tank will go around 27-29C throughout the year, is it worth to invest in a chiller to lower the temp? Will most of the aquatic plants still grow on 29C? Thank you.

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    you know i have wondered the same thing.... however i have never used a heater... just room temp which is usually between 69-75F in my house. for over 5 years


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      Some Likes It Hot... Some Not So Much

      Hi Steven,

      In the tropical paradise you live, I would stick with tropical (warm water) plants.

      As with fish and other critters some like cool to downright cold water, some are warm water to, well... warmer water.

      The first sign we don't know what we are doing is an obsession with numbers. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

      Disclaimer: I am not trying to make you mad, it is just what I am, an evil plant monster, 'nuf said.
      • I believe the information I am giving is sound, I am not a veterinarian, professional chemist or particularly bright and certainly not a "Guru.".
      • I assume you are of legal age, competent and it is legal for you to acquire, possess and use any materials or perform any action in your in your jurisdiction.
      • When in doubt "don't."


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        It is my understanding that temp drives up the plant growth too. I keep my tank at 82f and I can grow allot of plants; With the exception of cooler water mosses.

        Temp plays a role in nutrient uptake from what I read.

        I'm sure people here with a lot more experience can correct me if I'm wrong.

        As far a temp our sfla weather is is great for tropical fish. I am more concerned foe the well being of the fauna than the flora. I've kept cool water tanks 76 in the house but they were not discus, rummies, wild cardinals or loaches.

        The Shrimp do much better in water in the 70's.

        So set the temp for the fauna and plant accordingly. And unless keeping goldfish a chiller is a waste.

        Henry t
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          I think it's a good idea to mimic that temperature from its native habitat when a specific plant is at its active growth. I think it is safe to say that most of the aquarium hobby fresh water plants would do well at a temperature range between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.


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            A 2007 thread by Tom Barr exposes some thoughts on water temperature impact on plant growth...


            Santo Domingo


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              You know I have been battling a heat issues with my filter system since last summer
              Blue Line 55 HD Pump 1100gph pump
              Nu-Clear 533 and 547 and 2 returns an 1 inch intake and line system.
              My first 4 months my tank was at 90F 24/7 the few fish and plants I had for my 110g tank still lived I did not start adding ferts an co2 until last xmas.
              I corrected my bottle neck problem I had an my temp is down to 85F when my 2 pairs of t5 54w kick in for 8hr and I remove my glass top it goes up to 87F by the end of day.
              My plants are growing and fish are happy but I still need a lot of more plants to put in my tank. Soon to do 1 more try an change my intake and add 2 1inch intake screens too 1-1/2inch line to the intake of the pump and remove my Mazzie and hopefully it will drop my temp down more with just my filters.
              Plants Do Survive in High Temp :gw


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                Plants also do amazingly well, easier at 70F.
                They demand less CO2, and CO2 stays in the water, all gases do, at cooler temps.

                More important than CO2, O2 goes up a fair amount % wise.

                Q10 rules sort of apply with aquatic plants, so for every 10C, the metabolism of the organism's doubles.
                This works from say 10 to 20 C and 20 to 30C pretty well, but not much beyond or lower.


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                  Well, thank you all for replying.

                  So the max temp that I will get, a 29C (84.2F) is still in the 'safe zone' for growing aquatic plants then? What about leaves shape, size and color, do any of you ever noticed a difference?

                  I plan to grow Rotala green, HM, HC, Blyxa, Ludwigia arcuata and brevipes on that temp above, will those plants do well in that temp since I don't know if they are colder or warmer plant in their native habitat. Thanks.


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                    Hi all,

                    I've done an experiment in my non-CO2 tank last year, keeping the temperature constantly at 33 C (91 F) for 18 weeks. I added 30 ml glutaraldehyde into the aquarium every day during the experiment period. Moss was the only plant that vanished during the 18 weeks high temperature period, and Proserpinaca palustris lagged. Some plants like Hydrotriche hottoniiflora and Alternanthera reinecki also stunted, but regained their growth after fertilizers were added.

                    Four weeks after experiment:

                    Eighteen weeks after experiment:



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                      Some of the test might be due to preference to CO2 vs glutaraldehyde, moss may not have the abilty to break it down, A reineckii is light/CO2 sensitive, perhaps Hydrotriche as well.
                      Some plants are very good at getting CO2 and perhaps......the Glut as well.

                      Many folks live where it's hot and no air conditioning.


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                        Here is a couple of pic's of my plants in my 110g tank
                        temp is 85F during the night and 87F during the lights are on.
                        I didn't have too many plants to begin with but I do have seems
                        to be doing alright .
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                          Thank you inkslinger for your pictures.


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                            My question is, does temperature affect algae growth?