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best filter for 37 gallon?

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  • best filter for 37 gallon?

    I've been thinking about upgrading my filter on my high tech 37 gallon tank. I currently have an eheim 2217 (could be a 2213).

    I have a koralia 1 pump running to improve flow. Would a better, or bigger, filter be an improvement or unnecessary?

    If you had a heavily planted high light 37 gallon tank, what filter would you put on it? What do you think is the best and why?

    The only restriction is that it has to fit in the cabinet under the tank.


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    What about this wet/dry system? sounds good. I may keep the canister going as well since I use an in line atomizer and I think that would be easiest, rather than trying to attach the inline atomizer to the wet/dry.

    Any thoughts? I have no clue about wet/dry systems. I want something that has little as little of an in-tank presence as possible.


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      Don't see the system you are referring to.

      IMO if you are using a 2217 that would be more than sufficient for a 37g. The 2213 would not be bad. With the 2213 you would need add some additional flow.


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        turns out it is a 2215 and I add flow with a koralia 1 pointed to the surface for a ripple. I think I will stick with that setup.

        the link must not have copied and I didn't notice. oh well, seems like an unnecessary upgrade at this point.