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Use a pool sand filter as a filter ?

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  • Use a pool sand filter as a filter ?

    i have a ~200g tank.

    2 eheim 2026, 1 magnum 350, 1 little giant pump whit a micron filter ~500gph and a external reactor for my CO2.

    im kind of boring whit all that stock and tired having tubing all over the place.

    will it be foolish to use my old pool filter as the one and only filtration on my tank. ?

    does anywone have done this here ?


    hope you understand my english
    my tank

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    I'd still use the present filtration, just change out the media.

    Say use "Zeosand", or any Zeolite based gravel in the filters.
    That will do pretty much the same thing as a pool filter.

    Pool filters are very loud, use lots of energy etc.

    Such a loud filter is not something you would want next to the living room or bedroom!

    Tom Barr


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      in the past, i use this pool filter for a little pound.

      and my "little giant pump" was enough powerfull to make it.

      of course that was not an impressive flow... but i could do the backwash and have a little watterfall etc...

      the goal is to have "just one filter" and 1intake/1out take

      of course i will buy a more powerfull pump for it...
      may be 3 time my little giant... don't really know for now
      (i can't really estimate what kind of restriction that sand filter will do...i have to test)
      i think that someting like 1500-2000gph "real" will be good.
      may be this pump ?

      anyway i will not use a pool pump

      the tank is "in the wall" and i have a room juste for it.

      thanks !
      my tank