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Double the dosage of Excel

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  • Double the dosage of Excel

    I have heard numerous claim that if we were to double the Excel dosage, then we would be able to get rid of algae like BBA. Would that have any negative effect on Glosso? At I read somewhere that it will melt Corkscrew Vals.

    Please advise, TIA.
    Roger Thomas

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    Originally posted by rthomas View Post
    I have heard numerous claim that if we were to double the Excel dosage, then we would be able to get rid of algae like BBA. Would that have any negative effect on Glosso? At I read somewhere that it will melt Corkscrew Vals.

    Please advise, TIA.

    Definitely a no-no with Egeria, but can't say I've experienced die-off with Vals.

    Richard Santink
    Mississippi Mills, ON Canada

    125g macroalgae-only tank
    2 x 30W 18K lighting
    overdosin' Fe & I

    Chondrus crispus
    Chaetomorpha spp.
    Palmaria palmata


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      It's possible to kill valisneris with excel; I've done it. Other people have claimed that they've gradually increased the dose and that their vals has been ok.


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        Vals are rugged plants, so even if all of the leaves melt the plant can still come back from the roots, and do it pretty quickly too. That is what I experienced when I double dosed Excel one time with vals.


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          Please tell me what you consider a dose of Excel.
          I have a new 125 gal and starting to use it.
          I am dealing with diatoms and as it recedes I see different kinds of green algae coming up.


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            To dose excel just follow the instructions on the bottle.
            There are many ways to double(over) dose excel to kill algae. You can use 1x the initial(waterchange) dose and double the daily amount according to the label's directions. You can double both of the doses listed on the bottle's label. I usually just dose 1x the initial dose every time I put it in my tank and dont use the smaller daily dose. I read that excel only lasts like 24 hours in the tank before it is decomposed. Just dont overdo it--like 3 or 4 X the dose listed on the bottle.

            Good luck!

            -Mike B-


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              From your personal experience- do you think Excel has any effect on eliminating/inhibiting regrowth of hair/fuzz algae?
              I hope to obtain Excel soon, it is a little hard to find here.


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                I recently (5 days ago) double dosed my 125 gal with Excel (the initial dose indicated on the bottle) and some fish died.
                I also dosed 1/2 tsp Epson Salt MGSO4 (magnesium sulfate) I bought it at the drug store and it also contains 7H2O.

                I immediately did a 30% water change and 2 hrs later another 30% water change. and the rest of the fish survived.
                The fish that died: 3 angelfish, 1 spotted pleco, 10 cardenal tetras.
                Survivors: Neon Corydoras, clown pleco, 4 angelfish, 20 cardenal tetras

                I plan to use Excel again but with half the initial dose. Seachem says that this product lasts for 24 hrs only. I think I'll dose at the regular regimen of once every other day, at the suggested dose.


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                  I find it hard to accept that a single double dose of Excel will kill any fish, let alone the number that you experienced. I have done that several times, with no effect at all on the fish that was noticeable. MgSO4 is very hydroscopic so what we get always has some water absorbed in the crystals. That is all the 7H2O is - water incorporated in the crystals.

                  Did you add a dechlorinator when you did the water change before the double dose of Excel? If not, that is far, far more likely to be the cause of the fish deaths.


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                    For how long would you continue double-dosing of Excel? until the algae is under control? and then stop it completely or continue- once a week after the WC?


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                      I do not suggest 2x dosing this.
                      Follow the label(it's there for good reason).

                      The topic here is more than just dosing excel, the owner has algae, diatoms and then greens coming in.

                      The root issue here is CO2 more than likely.
                      We can easily add ferts and do water changes to make sure that's in a good range, light is assumed to be stable, on for 10 hours 2-3 w/gal etc(?).

                      So then the rest is a good cleaning, filter, tank, pruning the algae that's there etc.
                      Then you tweak the CO2(while you are able to see the tank, do not add more then wander off for the rest of the day).
                      Look at plant growth. pearling etc, ignore the algae for a bit.

                      Since most folks are in a hurry to kill algae, adding more Excel, like using one huge hammer is not wise. Better to add the 5mls per 40 liter suggested dosing.

                      Now you can use several smaller hammers together to do the job and about as quick and never harm any fish:

                      Do the 3 day black out, cover tank with garbage bags etc, turn off CO2.
                      Do daily 50-60% water changes, add Excel back at 5-6 mls per 40 liters.

                      At the end, add ferts back, turn CO2 back on and tweak the CO2.
                      This will kill most algae species.

                      Unless you plan on using Excel from here on, or unless you plan on reducing the light intensity, you need to really focus on CO2 gas dosing.

                      Some use observational skills + test kits.
                      I use observational skills mostly.

                      I add just enough for excellent pearling and plant growth.
                      Any lull in plant growth, I check and add a tad more CO2 to see.

                      A lull in plant growth is a warning sign and proceeds an algae issues which tends to be a symptom of a more intense serious CO2, or nutrient issues.

                      So watch the plants carefully, and tweak them, then you stay ahead of algae.

                      Tom Barr


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                        Hello Tom,
                        I used the Excel to eliminate thread/fuzz algae by 99% - I'll focus on CO2 and ferts and hope for the best