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Basic algae article from Dusko

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  • Basic algae article from Dusko

    I think that Dusko's algae article is one of the best newbie level articles on the web:

    Aquarium Algae

    Another one from his same site on scaping:

    The Art of Aquascaping

    Tom Barr

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    Awesome pages, thanks!


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      Wait till you see the articles I have coming for Red, Green and other Freshwater algae.

      Lots of info.
      I had to cut myself off

      Greg should have the Red algae article up sometime soon.

      I still could use some more editing and additions, I never got to take the micrographs I wanted.

      I have little access to all the different species of red algae and can only effective culture 2-3 species. I will need to run out to various LFS to get samples for the various species of BBA.

      Keys for FW algae species are hard to locate and using them takes even more skill. I have the scope set up and nice digital camera now so hopefully I'll add some more to it later.

      But for many folks, Dusko's article is super. If you need more, the newsletters will, address those deeper questions and methods.

      Tom Barr


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        Thanks Tom for the kind words, but you should be the one (as well as Steve Hampton) taking the credit for that article really. Most of the info came from your "mouth", I just collected it and gave it a basic form (I guess I have been tracking you for a while ).
        For example, I never had (until 6 month ago) a high light tank. Low lights are something I have been coping with

        Regards, Dusko.


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          Well, it is debatable if one really discovers anything, we merely re synthesize in a new way?

          EI did not come from it's own, it came from PMDD and the folks who did more work that I moist certainly did. I just added some additions for higher light, added a justification and simplified some things that I knew folks are too lazy to do.

          Then 10 years later, some one comes along and claims to have done 10 years worth of research and work developing the nearly the same thing and makes no acknowledgment

          I have done more with algae than nay other planted aquarists however. That gives me a leg up on other folks. You do not learn merely by killing, rather by understanding the enemy and knowing what makes it grow via inducement.

          If all you did was kill, you'd never learn why it started in the first place or the root cause/s (Nor the side effects vs addressing the root cause).

          I am somewhat vicious in my posting style due to folks wanting to haggle with me over algae based on their only correlations in their one tank and poor ability to have a standard control tank to induce algae to investigate cause to test their hypothesis.

          They are frustrated and I do understand that part, however, they get all desperate and will believe that the earth is flat if they see anything that gives them hope of a nice worded phrase and you sell something in a small bottle for 14.99$.

          They lack the basic control to have an algae free tank yet want to discuss why my test is flawed

          Let me see here........I can grow the plants algae free, then can induce the specific species of algae in question, I can test their hypothesis and show it's false, but I'm wrong and they are right?

          They on the other hand cannot even produce and an algae free reference tank, nor are willing to induce the algae into such a tank to test their own hypothesis.

          So the blind man is telling me what to see................

          If I have little patience for such mockery of logic, you now know why.
          It's not personal still, it's just I do not understand why they claim to be searching for knowledge, or "I just want to learn and see" or "There are alternatives that we do not yet know about". Well, they sure as heck are not going to learn about them with a messed up tank and lousy methods, that much I do know.

          If that method worked, we'd know everything there is to know about algae by now and there'd be no need for the methods I suggested.

          Dusko, the real issue with the article is that it's good for the common folks, they want more, they can come a read more here or on the newsletters.

          Tom Barr


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            Dusko - I recommended your site to someone on TPT and they commented that on your webpage had labeled staghorn as clado... Not sure if thats true, as I don't know what clado is, but I thought i would throw it out there.

            See the comment here:
            Another "what algea is this" W/pics!! - The Planted Tank Forum


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              Now that I am looking at it closely it might be right that this algae on my page is the Cladophora, since it forms a tick moss structure and has a dark green color.
              Staghorn algae has more grayish appearance.
              I will update my blog now.


              Regards, Dusko.
              Last edited by Dusko; 06-02-2007, 08:14 PM.


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                This was very helpfu. Thanks for sharing it.


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                  Mahalo! This is very informative


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                    Good read thank you for sharing.


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                      perfect start
                      nothin left to do but smile smile smile and a water change


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                        Very good article


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                          Hello all

                          I was told to track down Mr Barr to see about some wood for a tank I'm building. any direction would be appreciated.


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                            You can now pm him

                            @Tom Barr

                            Rotala Butterfly "Planted Tank Calculators"